AnnaLee Burnstein
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Lurid Ambrosia
The societal ideas of beauty and the grotesque have been clearly defined for us. As an artist, I like to blur the lines between those definitions by creating a symbiotic tension rather than a divide. With this installation, there is a beautiful dinner party taking place which is seemingly very elegant, but when looked at closer, is in reality quite disgusting. Internal organs, from brains to large intestines, cover the beautiful dinner platters and with blood in the wine glasses to wash it all down. It is considered a sign of insanity for someone to be a cannibal. Cannibals are often portrayed as savages in foreign lands, and rarely seen in our own society. By placing the organs in the fine dining setting I have created conflict between our known idea of what cannibals should act like, and merged it with the grandeur of an upper class table. Through this conflict, I hope to make people question what is considered right and wrong or beautiful versus grotesque in our society. Bon Appetite!